Occult Black Magic Signs and Symptoms

Most of Occult Black Magic signs and symptoms are not the proof of occult oppression from the period when there are other reasons for these conditions.  Several of these symptoms together increase the possibility of occult oppression being the cause.

Standard Young Behavior

Most of these points indicate your youngster is, in fact, a youngster. The Youngsters rebel. They do not pay attention to elders. They push limitations. They dress unusually. If they have stopped being attentive to their qualities, might it basically be they are spending too much period playing sports or extremely using that new permit or hanging out with the new partner or girlfriend? This list is fear mongering, indicating outstanding details for typical behavior.

Mental Health Issues

Most of the rest of what on this listhas more to do with mental health. If your kids are listening voices, torturing animals or talking about suicide, they need a doctor, not a lecture about satanic impacts. They are fed up. There are risk factors going on in their brains, factors that have absolutely nothing to do with the occult.

That is nothing short of demonizing mental sickness.

Vague Warnings

A few are so unexplained as to be ineffective. “An uncommon interest in weapons.” What matters as unusual? In addition, how do weapons indicate the occult? (On the other hand, drugs, in the case of this particular list.) If your kids are excessive about something that can be challenging in and of itself, but it certainly does not require the occult.

Very few teenagers can escape the analysis of details such as this unaffected. If you are concerned about your teenager, and you fall upon one of these sites, you almost definitely will find your kids hit a larger number of these “warning signs.” However, they are not indicators. They are worry mongering written by individuals who generally do not appear to have any knowledge of the actual occult beliefs and practices, but who motivate the typical but completely demolished generalizations such as Satanic Habit Misuse, which is a belief.

This is a difficult, deepening development of the possible negative results of Occult Black Magic. Do you identify any of these?

  • Serious exhaustion / malaise
  • Disrupted/disturbed sleep
  • Despondency / serious depression
  • Getting out of bed instantly in worry or in cold sweat
  • Unexpected beginning of apathy/disinterest in life
  • Dry skin of oral cavity at night / improved starvation / excessive starvation as if on your table for two or more (entity possession)
  • Worry / anxiety / Moodiness / distress / unreasonable rage / other irregularbehavior
  • Mysterious excess bodyweight or weight-loss
  • Unexpected forgetfulness / obscure thinking
  • Hardness around areas of our systems
  • Unexpected chills/goose lumps
  • Schizophrenia / Tourette’s Problem / Several Personality Disorder/ Dissociative Identification Disorder
  • You sense individuals preventing you, solitude, continuous conflicts/ battles/misunderstandings coming up for no reason, your good objectives are regularly misunderstood
  • Your income is obstructed, work or profession suffers, making you incapable to pay for help from religious healers
  • Dreams ofdemons, gruesome people, dead bodies, other animals looking to kill you
  • Dreams ofspiders, scorpions, snakes, dirty places like bathrooms and cremation grounds
  • Detecting/ seeing/listening to non-physical presences around the house
  • Itchiness, losing, biting insect-like creeping emotions in various areas of our systems
  • Blood cancer or other
  • You see black or grey smoke/shapes orblack spots floating in front of you
    The mysterious action of bugs or animals, paranormal action, weird visions or phenomenon around you and/or only visible to you. E.g. Seeing crows with skin in their beaks is one powerful sign that serious Occult Black Magic is being done to kill you
  • Your abdomen bloats up like a pregnant mother or other unexplained inflammation, mounds elsewhere
  • Your skin overall tone blackens/blackens to an unusual overall tone, looking like blood poisoning
  • Hardness, weight, constraint especially in shoulder area, chest area, throat/ irregular pulse rate without actual exertion
  • Constant complications / migraines

Additional symptoms of Occult Black Magic on women:

  • You think of having sex with someone or something / sexual assault by emotions causing in real orgasm
  • Mysterious suits/withdrawal leading to convulsions
  • Mysterious contusions around the thighs and legs, arms, genital area,other areas of the body
  • Rashes on the genitals
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Losing the unborn baby
  • In order to conceivedue to intuitive blocks
  • Blockage of monthly periods, agonizing periods, black blood, irregular periods,

Compulsive Behavior

  • Desire to do right but incapable to carry it out
  • Sudden personality and behavior changes (great contrasts)
  • Strong aversion toward Holy Quranreciting and prayer
  • A dark countenance
  • Hollow or steely look in the eyes
  • Shrinkage or dilationof the pupils
  • Lying compulsively, often thinking why
  • Stealing compulsively
  • Face features will contort or change sometimes
  • Inability to look at you directly
  • Drinking and drugging compulsively
  • Eating compulsively — bulimia or anorexia nervosa
  • Compulsive sexual sins (especially perversions)
  • Irrational laughter
  • Irrational crying
  • Irrational assault, coercion to hurt someone or self. Reducing oneself
  • Sudden talking about a language not previously known by the subject
  • Extreme restlessness
  • Vulgar actions and language
  • Uncontrollable mocking tongue
  • Consciousness problems
  • Demonstration of outstanding capabilities
  • Extreme tiredness around religious things
  • Voices observed in the mind (they concept, scare, accuse, endanger or bargain)
  • The topic talks about himself or herself in the third person or in the plural
  • Supernatural experiences around him or herself like hauntings, moving of things, banging, etc.
  • Seizures (too long or too regular)
  • Abnormal Medical Problems
  • Pain without any description, especially in head or stomach
  • Blackouts
  • Sudden disturbance with physical functions
  • Physical conditions that may be instantly reduced by command
  • inability to talk or hear
  • Temporary humming in the ears
  • dryness in the mouth
  • numbness in hands or legs
  • hypersensitivity to listening to or touch
  • sudden chills or heating up of body

If you have out-of-character feelings, thoughts, emotions, dreams or obsessions and nothing stressful has occurred when they started, this is a clear sign of another person inside you.  It is worth doing a standard deliverance to see if that eliminates it.  See if you might have gotten yourself in occult conditions that could have introduced something in.  You might have tried occult factors in the past that left a mystery open to your spirit, even if you no longer do them.  If so, you may need to do a self-deliverance for that action.