Black Magic Signs and Symptoms

The signs and Symptoms of a voodoo magic can vary in frequency and intensity, based upon on the spell skills of the caster and the person being bewitched. The Black Magic is dangerous and can destroy one’s health; it can also destroy or make the personal make destruction in extraordinary instances. The innocent spiritrarely finds out that he/she has fall prey to Black Magic.

If you think you have fall prey to black magic here are the indications that will help you understand your situation.  While there are many who doubt the existence of black magic, some instantly realize they may be suffering from symptoms of a voodoo magic.

Initial levels symptoms of possible Voodoo Black Magic:

  • Your sleep is disturbed
  • Dryness of mouth at night
  • Exhaustion and deficiency of energy to live day-to-day life
  • Hardness around parts of the parts of your body
  • Being overweight in some instances
  • You have Worry
  • Hopelessness
  • Your professional career suffers
  • Disinterest in daily life
  • You get angry for no reason
  • Serious Depressive disorders
  • You are irritated for no reason
  • Unexpected Chills and Goose Bumps
  • The irrational behavior of people towards you.
  • You start forgetting things in the occasion and face memory loss
  • Your access to the desire world is blocked: No remembrance of goals when you wake up
  • Obstructions in the inflow of money.

There are many signs and it all depends upon the state of awareness the sufferer is at and the kind of Spirit World influence that is affecting the sufferer.

Advance Level symptoms of Black Magic/Spirit Activity

  • Dreaming of falling from Heights
  • A continuous headache
  • You dream of snakes & dirty places
  • Your skin tone darkens
  • You dream ofhorrible looking people killing you and dead bodies
  • Getting up instantly in fear with difficulty breathing
  • You see black dots or smoking flying all over
  • Dreamingof Scorpions, Spiders &Snakes,
  • Hardness and weight especially in shoulder area and breast
  • Excessive starvation in case entities have taken charge of your physique system
  • The stomach swells like the area right above the navel tightens up & when touched feels like golf balls is in there or a pregnant women’s belly
  • Itching, losing and stinging discomfort in different parts of the body.

FinalLevel symptoms of Voodoo Black Magic with very short amount of a chance to recover left

  • Blood cancer or cancer of other parts of the body
  • Shrinking and malfunctioning of kidneys
  • Excessive alcohol consumption leading to liver damage
  • Substance Abuse
  • Heart Attacks leading to sudden death
  • Medicines do not work baffling the medical doctor: leading to doctors using stronger treatments
  • Thoughts of self-destruction or suicidal attempts.

Additional signs associated with the women only

  • Unexplained convulsions.
  • Bruise marks on thighs & vaginal area
  • Irritation in the vaginal area with Leucorrhea /Leukorrhea
  • Sexual assault in goals by spirits with an orgasm that is real
  • Blockages in fallopian tubes and/or not able to hold the pregnancy leading to miscarriage
  • Not able to conceive due to the psychic blocks so as the lady stays barren all her lifetime
  • Black Blood, complete stoppage of painfulperiods, irregular periods, monthly periods.

Additional signs associated with Religious People

  • Continuous Fatigue/ Low Energy
  • Your interest in the divine awareness takes a nosedive, you weary in your prayers and meditations.
  • The Body shakes like a swing when one is trying to pray ormeditate
  • Stinging discomfort in different parts of the body.
  • One becomesinvolved towards unblessed desires like sex & other habits and homosexuality
  • Getting up with a jerk and in fear, within moments one falls into the first stage of sleep.
  • A Grey or dark smoking is seen in front of the eyes when he gets awake.
  • One’s skinchanges dark & as with the passage of time, it changes to darker black.
  • Shooting stinging discomfort in the mouth and one wakes up with extreme pain with a blister on the mouth.
  • Burning of palms as if they have been put on fire
  • Lips and other parts of the body get swollen in the sporadically for no medical reasons.
  • Spirits Swings & extremely negative thinking that can lead to suicides
  • Jerking/Twitching of muscles of the body
  • Heaviness/Tightness in our bodies or certain parts of the body
  • In serious situations where spirits have taken control of the house where the person residing: one may feel theuncommon action of the insects &another weird phenomenon that is unexplainable & unrealistic or dripping plasma from the walls. Some of the uncommon action is only visible to the victims.



Unexpected violence is very common in those who are experiencing the symptoms of a voodoo magic. About a voodoo magic is to cause misery and pain to the sufferer and often families are hurt as a tool to reach that objective. Often coaxed into horrific functions of self-mutilation voodoo sufferers often make murders or others inhuman activities in cruel ways.

Little explanation of the Voodoo Witchcraft symptoms

Voodoo Witchcraft comes from the African continent & is extremely lethal. In the last few years, it has spread into other areas around the world&it is being mixed with other forms of Black magic to harm and destroy the people.

Mental and Spiritual

Symptoms of a voodoo magic may affect different fields. The first aspects altered by black magic are the psychological and spiritual areas. Based on the amount of your time the spell has been on a personal, different deterioration levels in these areas can be expected. Many of the initial symptoms of a voodoo magic appear to be stress-related and therefore can be overlooked or misdiagnosed. Initial signs are sleeplessness, fatigue, depression, and irritability. After some days, individuals themselves possess a shaken faith,ignore spiritual obligations,have difficulty praying or meditating, uninterested in daily life, and experiencer unholy attractions to habits such as sex and drugs.


Symptoms of a voodoo magic then begin to change the body. A darkening skin tone that continues to darken is an obvious giveaway. Being overweight, extreme starvation and a pressing weight on the shoulder area, breast and back area are severe physical symptoms of a voodoo magic. There are also specific signs that a woman may suffer from if she is a sufferer.

What is Black Magic and How it Works?

Black magic is known all around the world and because of this, it is known by many different titles for examplespells, hex, magic spells, witchcraft, voodoo, sorcery, jadu, sehar, curses,andJadoo. Black magic is used for evilobjectives by invoking the power of evilspirits and even the demon himself. Black magic arose in the spirit world. If someone is black magic master, he is able to usemagic. These black magic masters will adhere to a detailed system of magic for a couple of weeks or even several weeks. During these times, they produce the spirits from the hidden world; they usehuman or animal sacrifice to mix-uptheirspellsto the hiddenworld.

Common justifications are different from the ones due to black magic as they are based on real and easy to understand problems that can be treated through dialogue andreasoning with or without a consultant. The two signs earlier described are very attributed of black magic. Black miracle does not remove actual problems within the pair, but it will make it difficult to correctlyy take care of them. Gradually, if nothing is done to stop those, conflicts can intensify and end up in ruining the love within the pair, attaining a point of no return – especially if the couples’ family members become engaged. It is therefore important to identify black magic as early as possible to control its disadvantages.

There are generally two types of attacks on our soul; one is through devils having the personal body and another one is through witchcraft. The former problems can be recognized quite quickly as they attack the person by partly having their personal body which can be observed while the latter one is hard to identify as it performs in secret method. You have to find the type of magic done and then only PROPER recovery work will adhere to. Therefore, it is important to identify earlier symptoms of this attack and then Treat of Black Miracle should be done accordingly. Here are some of the main signs and symptoms of black magic that can be easily traced to a person who is suffering from black magic.

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Below You Will Find Some Common Symptoms While You Are Suffering From Any Type Of Black Magic

Bad Dreams
Are you suddenly experiencing nightmares that awake you in the midof the night? Unless you have suddenly developed gastric problems, it can be the very first subtle effects of black magic.Difficulty to sleep during nights is one of the main sources that wakespeople up with sudden jerks or feels their whole body is motionless in sleep.Nightmares-seeing strange people or animals in dreams or being chased by some black cats,dogs, snakes, lizards, owls, monkey, rats, eagles,blackbirds, or strange animals/birds..etc. in dreams or dreaming of bathroom/toilets or taking bath etc. or dreaming of dirt or filth or dreaming of falling from heights or dreaming of seeing ones twins or seeing oneself flying in one’s dream or seeing oneself traveling across deserts, mountains, forests in a dream or dreaming of Hindu deities or someone worshipping some strange idols or pictures are also the main symptoms of black magic in bad dreams.
Bad Mental State
Truly, the worst type of black magic, where someone’s mental state is affected. You cannot concentrate on anything, you do not feel like working, you just do not want to leave your home and go out. Loss of interest in the activities you used to enjoy. Depression, frustration,and bouts of rages, are main symptoms.Moving pain from head to neck and shoulders or feeling needle pricks on the body or tightness in the breast during nights can be the main signs. Additionally feeling like continuous burping and sudden coughing/hiccups, and constriction in the throat.Feeling suffocated and restless in all circumstances, never at peace; drying up of organs,dry skin,burning feeling on the inner organs.
Bad Health
Yes, the bad health is the biggest sign of black magic. You have suddenly taken ill. You are vomiting Non-Stop, or have high fever for no apparent reason. Doctors are unable to diagnose the disease of the person for a normal person, no treatment is beneficial, and doctors are confused.Continuous menses or Irregular cycles with a continuous stomachache in women; infertility in men or women even though medical reports are normal.Feeling something moving under the skin, stomach, jolting in eyes; veins or parts of the skin beating/dilating continuously, or strange swellings on different parts of your body without any medical reasons are also the main signs of black magic.
Sudden Feeling Problems
Sudden spirits swings, sudden feeling of love or hate for a particular person. A sudden change in the character, the person isolates himself from others or becomes more aggressive or may say and speak unfamiliar things.etc. can be also the biggest sign and symptom of black magic.
A sudden change in Faiths
Sudden diversion from Deen (faith), laziness in offering Salat (prayers), zikar(remembrance of Allah) or Quran. The sudden interest in/of bad habits like excessive smoking, alcoholism, sixes also main signs of black magic.
Feeling of Presence
Are you constantly feeling some kind of Presence around you. E.g.,something touched your arm but no one was there, you heard someone call out your name but you are alone in that place, Windows closing or opening on their own but there is not any draft. Things/stuff disappearing on their own and reappearing in the very same place when you stop looking for them. This can mean an entity has been unleashed on you.
Financial Problems
The sudden financial problems and destruction of business, sudden loss of business and burning the building without reason are also the signs of black magic. Certain situations arising where money is required and youdo not seem to have it or you are just losing money for no reason on trivial things.
Failing Relationships
Sudden unexplained breakups in your relationships, falling out with friends, losing people you love for one or the other reason (could be death), separation from family…..Yes, there is a type of black magic only done to separate families, couples, people in general from one another.
First you need to find out what exactly is happening with you, on this website you can find complete information about black magic how it works and its common symptoms and how different types of magics effects you body and soul. Also on homepage section tab of symptoms you can also find the different symptoms of Voodoo, Evil Eyes, Curses etc so by reading these symptoms you can exactly find that what situation you are suffering and what exactly it is.

After some pre diagnosis let us know about your condition and our healers will do complete spiritual diagnosis, the information we required are Name, Mother name Date of Birth and the latest picture with which our healers can make diagnosis to find out that what exactly is happening with you and after that the will suggest you some proper treatment for the removal of evil of magic and future protection against these evils.

While you are suffering from any type of black magic get in touch with us for the proper diagnosis and treatment for the removal of black magic. The key features of our services and healing work are defined below in steps.

  1. Diagnosis is required on first step to find out what exactly is happening with you regarding spiritual side.
  2. After the complete diagnosis we will suggest a complete steps by steps treatment to cure you from the effects of black magic.
  3. Our service are based on spiritual healing therapy that can takes 1-6 weeks of time for the complete removal of black magic recovery and protection healing.
  4. The proper spiritual connect can only be made when you will be in touch with us after the treatment so the black magic and the magician no more harms you for lifetime.
  5. So lets contact us for the proper treatment and permanent protection against these evils of black magic.

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